Dizzy Gillespie

At the Woods of Windsor our cocktail menu consists of our twists on classic cocktails. But first pick your poison... 



This Bourbon Sazerac has deep and earthier flavours.

Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon - Aromatic Bitters - Xicaru Mezcal Rinse

The smokey answer to a Manhattan.

The Bourbon driven sour has a touch of fruit, sweetness and spice.

Old Forester Bourbon - Licor 43 - Maple Syrup - Apple - Spices - Lemon - Aquafaba

A gangster’s dream, the Wood’s twist on a Sazerac.

Charlie Chaplin 

This Rum based old fashioned is dark and luxurious with chocolate and berry.

Plantation Original Dark Rum - Cassis - Blackberries - Chocolate

A timeless classic, the Charlie Chaplin is the perfect balance between citrus and fruit.

Hayman’s Sloe Gin - Apricot Brandy - Lime

Based off the grandfather of Martinis - the Martinez.

Approachable and perfectly balanced cocktail with a little bit of everything.

Dewar’s 12 Scotch -  Aperol - Aperatifo Picon - Peach - Coffee Beans

Dorian Gray 

A deep and luxurious cocktail that will linger long after you've finished it.

Aberfeldy Single Malt - Manchino Rosso Vermouth - Yellow Chartreuse - Aromatic Bitters - Hickory Wood

Robert Burns


The perfect ode to the jazz singer herself, tall, bubbly with a touch of lemon and class.

Archie Rose Dry Gin - Lavender - Fennel - Lemon - Soda

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Grace Kelly

Otis Redding

Lucky Luciano

Dizzie’s Jazz was a modern take on the classic and we too modernise the Whisky Sour.

A smooth gin cocktail with a classic English twist.

Tanqueray Gin - Mancino Rosso Vermouth - Yorkshire Tea - Maraschino - Aromatic Bitters

A twist on a Tom Collins with floral notes.

A legendary soul singer and our rich twist on an Old Fashioned.

Ella Fitzgerald

Cocktail Menu 

A cocktail already as perfect as the star himself. 

As elegant as its namesake the Grace Kelly is our Paper Plane.